Off Site Shredding in San Antonio

Off site shredding services entail loading your documents into one of our secure trucks by trained security professionals and then taking them to our secure San Antonio shredding facility for destruction. 

People often choose this service because it is usually cheaper than mobile shredding and considerably less time-consuming. Off site shredding is compliant with every current federal and Maryland privacy law, including HIPAA. 

offsite shredding services are secure in San AntonioOff site shredding is a better option for high-volume shredding projects in San Antonio because of the enhanced shredding capacity of our facility shredder. Your shredded documents are co-mingled, scrambling the pieces thoroughly so that they can't be pieced back together.

Once your papers are destroyed they are compacted and sent directly to a paper company, where the material is pulped and recycled into new paper.

How Off Site Shredding Works in San Antonio

  • Documents that need to be shredded are picked up by trained security personnel.
  • The documents are then securely delivered to the shredding plant.
  • The paper is destroyed, baled, and recycled into new paper.
  • A certificate of destruction is issued.
The Certificate of Destruction receive will contain detailed information about the process, including a certification of the weight of your project and a list of witness signatures. Because you are given a list of witness signatures, there's no need to waste time witnessing the process yourself. 

Our Texas contractors will gladly schedule a one-time purge or ongoing services in which you are given secure bins for you to store your documents inside between shredding services.

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San Antonio Shredding Service's local contractors shred your sensitive documents with integrity, so you can spend less time worrying about your security. Let us help ensure your safety by providing off site shredding services. 

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